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9 juillet 2017 7 09 /07 /juillet /2017 19:34

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Published by crazy-patroche.over-blog.com
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Delian Diver 31/10/2017 09:06

Hello Sir!
Thanks for the information about this rare monstrous beast! ))) It was a big discovery - to find this page as I was dreaming to make one for myself. The only questions that I have are
1. Why there is no decoupling caps on PCB?
2. What is the rule for placing 4.7uF/25V caps (distribute the overall load)? I would like to make my own PCB.
3. Have you tried to replace the uA726 with matched pair from CA3086 and tempco resistor of 1k?
4. What is the calibration procedure?
5. What do I have to pay extra attention to during assemling?
Thank you very much!